Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mark Jackson will coach Warriors

"Hand down, man down!"

"Mama there go that man again!"

Unfortunately, the national audiences who tune into the NBA on ESPN/ABC will only here phrases like these for the last two or three games of this championship series (which has been titillating). Yes, Mark Jackson will take his talents to the Bay Area as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

Jackson impressed me on the court with the Knicks, Pacers, and various other teams he played for and has done a superb job as an analyst with Jeff Van Gundy. But as a head coach....I think he is the ideal fit for this job.

The disciplinarian coach is dying out, at least after the high school level. That's not to say today's coach should let his players walk all over him. Today's most successful teams have the most talent, like the Miami Heat. I'd say Erik Spoelstra has done a great job, but will ultimately be judged upon how well he manages his ultra talented group.

To use a popular term, Mark Jackson will be a player's coach, meaning he will be liked by the Warriors players in no time at all. Jackson's body of work commands respect, as does his personality. This is especially important with such a young group of players. The best coaches at the NBA level are ego managers/psychologists.

Equally important is the addition of assistant coach Mike Malone, a defensive specialist who worked for New Orleans last season and his services were coveted around the league.
Jackson has promised a playoff appearance in this upcoming season, but the Warriors have a long way to go. Warriors fans don't need Mark Jackson's years of basketball experience to see that this current roster is going to have a difficult time making Jackson's promise come true.
Sound defense is the way to win championships, or at least get past the first round. The roster will need a serious make over job to adopt this style.

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