Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miami takes game 1 of Finals

Miami won game one over Dallas in "grind-out" fashion. That's just a term made popular by today's telecasters to say the Heat won the game with defense and rebounding. The Heat and Mavs shot 38 percent and 37 percent, respectively, and the Heat out rebounded the Mavs 46-36.
After the Mavs handily whipped the Lakers, I jumped right on the Dallas band wagon. Dirk Nowitzki has played out of his mind, and the bench has lived up the the regular season numbers as the best in the league. I hate to do this, but I'm going to flip-flop.

After watching the Heat in action, I can't see Dallas winning this series. The first clue: Miami won without scoring a multitude of points off turnovers. The Mavs, mainly Jason Kidd, deserve credit for taking care of the ball (only 11 team turnovers), but Miami will get more fast break points in upcoming games.

Two strange stats from game one that all the analysts have surely jammed into our skulls were Miami's advantage in bench points (27-17) and three point makes (11-9). These two statistical categories are typically dominated by Dallas. I expect Dallas to cool off from three point range and maybe the bench will be negatively affected by Mike Miller's bum left arm, but it wasn't a fluke.

Then there is Dirk's torn ligament in his left (non-shooting) middle finger. It shouldn't effect his shooting, but it could make Nowitzki tentative on the boards, and Dallas needs rebounds.
If Dallas is going to get back in this series, they must continue to limit turnovers, get to the foul line, and clean the defensive glass.

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Heat Tickets said...

Miami did win the first game but Dallas was able to bring the bacon in the last round. Congratz to Dallas.