Monday, June 27, 2011

Warriors Should Go After David West

The big news in the NBA Monday was that New Orleans Hornets' star Power Forward has opted out of his contract with the team, and will test free agency.

Now, right off the bat, I know your thinking, why add West after they just got David Lee one year ago? Simple, the Warriors need all the post scoring/defense they can afford, and if that means moving David Lee to center where he thrived in New York in order to make room for West, then I'd do it in a second. There are teams that have expressed interest in swooping up Andris Biedrins contract from the W's (The Rockets are supposedly throwing all kinds of offers at the Larry Riley) which would free up space and money for another big man. They could also do a sign-and-trade deal with somebody looking for a scoring guard, like Monta Ellis or even new draftee Klay Thompson. After the Warriors failed to address their need up front in the draft (I like the potential Jeremy Tyler brings, but he's very much a project at this point), one would assume they'll certainly look to do so in free agency or via trade. It's not like the Warriors missed the playoffs last year because they didn't have enough scoring guards and wing players, they have that covered to a T, but inside they only have Lee as a threat, who's constantly doubled when he gets the ball inside because there are no other options. The Warriors have expressed optimism that Biedrins will rebound after going through a rigorous offseason workout, but I'm not so sure. Andris has looked worse and worse since that magical playoff season in '06.

Whether it's a push for David West, or someone else like Al Jefferson, Riley and Jerry West have to do whatever they can to get a big, proven presence in the middle. They certainly have the pieces to do so!

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Anonymous said...

Jefferson would be sick in a Dubs uniform... They could use a scorer like Elis, and they have a replacement in Kanter. I'd even throw in Udoh and I really like how he played at the end of the year.