Monday, December 26, 2011

Dubs Get CP3'd on Opening Night

They kept it close there for a while, really reminding me of the We Believe team back in '07, coming up with big rebounds, and running the floor like mad men. However, in the end Chris Paul showed the Bay Area why the Warriors and every other team in the NBA wanted the point guard running their offense. I just wanted to make a few points, bullet style, about the opener before we finish off our Divisional Previews.

  • Steph Curry did not look like the same player he was last season. The Warriors so-called "Franchise Player" proved again why Monta Ellis is the player to keep in the Dubs back court. He was so badly outplayed by Paul that it was hard to even watch. He ended with just 4 points and 4 assists and if his ankle was the issue, the Warriors are going to be in for a long season. With the quick-paced game schedule, he's not going to have time to really heal, which means it could hamper him all year, or he has to take a two weeks off, which in the 2012 season means like 12 games! It's a tough situation, hopefully he heals quickly.
  • A big reason the W's lost this game though, besides Steph's in-effectiveness and CP3's game-controlling dominance. The Warriors lost the turnover battle, and shot a horrific 39% as a team (23% from 3 pt.). It's not like they were taking bad shots, they just weren't dropping, and that happens some nights. Obviously the defense is ahead of the offense right now and it showed for the Warriors.
  • Couldn't leave today's mini-post without talking about the positives. Andris Biedrins looked lively on the court again, and if Jackson can get 10 points, 8 boards and 3 blocks with no turnovers each night, he'd take it. Also, the W's bench play did help infuse that late 3rd, early 4th comeback. In my first extensive look at Klay Thompson I see a more agressive version of Mike Dunleavy, can handle the ball and shoot, but isn't affraid to get inside and draw contact. Brandon Rush was also a beast off the bench, as I loved the pick-up, knowing the W's needed another veteran wing player, and he showed why with 12 pts., 3 boards, 2 blocks and an assist in 28 minutes. He does everything and can handle small forwards defensively... Finally Ishmael Smith, who I didn't even know made the opening night active roster, lit it up for 7 points in 5 minutes of play from the point. The W's showed they will have scoring off the bench in these three!

Other than that, things went kind of the way I expected. The Clippers are the better team, and even with the new nucleus, seemed to have gelled rather quickly. The Warriors need to shake it off quick with an even tougher Chicago team in Oakland tonight!

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