Friday, December 16, 2011

Opening Night & Christmas around the corner

The Warriors Christmas night match up against the Clipppers just got extremely interesting with the recent additions the Clip Ship has made, mainly Chris Paul. The other team in LA looks like they have a playoff team on paper. They have a stable of point guards in CP3, Chauncey Billups, Mo Williams, and up-and-comer Eric Bledsoe. Blake Griffin should continue where he left off as a dominant post player who commands a double team. Caron Butler is coming back from a serious knee injury and has a history of knee issues, but if he can stay healthy he brings tough defense and solid scoring. And DeAndre Jordan will be expected to play a bigger role after inking a big contract and the movement of Chris Kamen.

I am still not ready to hand the game to the Clippers and jump on the band wagon. I am not trying to be a homer, but I don't think this Clippers team will hold up over the fervent pace of the compacted season. I won't say "same old Clippers", but I have to see it before discounting the Clipper Curse.

Enough Clippers talk, let's shift focus on the Warriors. Kwame Brown is not ideal, but one year for $7 million isn't a bad deal. I agree with Trevor when he said the W's avoided a bad signing in DeAndre Jordan. He's a special player, but they would have overpaid to win his services.

I am interested to see some of the Warriors rookies like Klay Thompson, Charles Jenkins, and Jeremy Tyler. Warriors fans are eager to see how Mark Jackson will use the tools he has in his box. This Warriors team still has the thumbprint of Don Nelson, meaning more scorers than stoppers and non-prototypical players for their positions.

Will Dorell Wright continue to be an elite three point shooter? Will Ekpe Udoh emerge as a dominant rim protector? Will Andris Biedrins rebound after a terrible season? Will the Warriors trade Monta Ellis?


Trevor Cole said...

I know Jordan is 7 years younger, and has upside, but that's what was said about Andris a couple years back.

But looking ahead to '12, I like how Brown's game and stats project out in comparison with Jordan's. Surprisingly, check out each players line in 2011:

Brown's Avg: 8.0/6.8/0.7, 0.6 BPG, 55 FT%, 51 FG%

DJ's Avg: 7.1/7.8/0.5, 1.8 BPG, 48%FT, 66% FG

Based on that alone, these two are identical. Again, don't love Brown, but hate Jordan, and so glad the W's didn't Biedrins his ass!

Trevor Cole said...

Shouldn't say "hate" DeAndre Jordan... I think he's a fine player... More political term would be vastly overrated in my eyes!