Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Playoff and Award Predictions

Here is the way we see the 2012 NBA Playoffs shaking out, our final chapter of our crammed in, 2k12 NBA Preview, now on out, purely Warriors stuff!


First Round

Miami Heat over Atlanta Hawks (4 games)
Chicago Bulls over Pacers (sweep)
NY Knicks over Orlando Magic (5 games)
Philadelphia 76ers over Boston Celtics (5 games)


Heat over 76ers (6 games)
Bulls over Knicks (7 games)


Heat over Bulls (6 games)

First Round

Clippers over Warriors (5 games)
Mavericks over Trail Blazers (4 games)
Memphis Grizzlies over Oklahoma City Thunders (5 games)
LA Lakers over San Antonio Spurs (5 games)


Clippers over Grizzlies (6 games)
Mavericks over Lakers (5 games)


LA Clippers over Dallas Mavericks (7 games)

Miami Heat over LA Clippers (6 games)

So, basically, the only real upset I see myself picking are the Clippers flying through everyone. I still think Miami is the best in the East, I don't care how much you hate LeBron. If the Lakers can get a Dwight Howard and another solid wing-man to help Metta and Kobe, then they immediately enter the fold. I just don't see anyone beating the determined Miami team this season folks, and remember, this year will favor younger teams and younger legs and Miami is full of 20-somethings, while a lot of the teams in the NBA don't have that luxury.

Coach of the Year: Mark Jackson, Golden State Warriors
Most Improved Player: Jeff Teague PG, Atlanta Hawks
6th Man of the Year: Andre Miller G, Denver Nuggetts
Defensive Player of the Year: Amare Stoudemire PF, New York Knicks
Rookie of the Year: Kyrie Irving PG, Cleveland Cavaliers
*NBA MVP: Kevin Durrant SF, OKC Thunder*

Durrant was robbed last year for MVP, and I think this year he's going to get back to the 30-32 ppg., 6 boards, 6 assists. Basically a taller version of LeBron with a better shot, but a lesser ball-handling. As for the Coaching award, had to go with MJ, especially after watching him these first two games, he looks like he's going to have the W's in good shape, plus he's a rookie coach so he gets that much more credit. Improved player and 6th man award both go to point guards, Teague is going to be a rock in Atlanta's back court this year I believe, 15 points and 7 assists a night is very possible for the former bench warmer. For Miller, he's going to get 30+ minutes a night and he's going to produce starters numbers, he's shown it already. Defensive player, had to switch it up from Howard, who probably will get it, but Amare does just about as much for his squad on the defensive end, and with all the uncertainty around Howard, I think it's Amare's time. Finally the Rookie of the year, had to go with the obvious choice in Kyrie Irving. He showed why in game one by going just 2-12 from the floor, yet dishing out 7 assists, you can tell dude is going to be a stud. Very John Wall-like.

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Anonymous said...

Hey trevor, When was the last time did you watch a playoff game? The first round series is now also best of 7. It has been a best of 7 for several years now. You don't even know what you're talking about.