Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warriors Rundown: Short Hiatus

Don't worry Rundown fans, we're not going anywhere! Our lack of posting in recent weeks is due largely in part to some technical difficulties earlier in April. Now, our brilliant writer and analyst Brian Wright taking a much deserved break with his loved ones, and Webmaster, Trevor Cole, "DL'd" with an injured right typing hand.

Things should be back in full force in early May as we dab into the NBA playoffs, leap into the Warriors summer league, and continue bringing you hard-nosed GSW Hoops talk mixed with intriguing league jargon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Warriors beat LA, continue three game win streak

The Warriors have a respectable three game winning streak against three Western conference playoff teams, the latest against the champs...the dreaded Lakers. The game started with an ominous feel for the Warriors as LA opened with a 10-0 run. The Warriors overcame offensive trouble with hard-nosed, energetic defense to keep themselves in the game until the offense picked up.

In the middle of the Warriors energy was David Lee, who has been playing out of his mind lately. Lee is the Warriors emotional leader. He challenges his team mates and exhorts them to pick up the intensity when needed. Lee sets a tone of high intensity that has been contagious and put on a rebounding clinic. Lee went for 22 points and 17 rebounds against the Lakers, to follow up his 29, 20 game in Portland Apr. 5. David's intense personality is similar to Kevin Garnett's, although not as ornery. Their games are different, but both players are not only skilled, but set an example of hard work on the floor.

The Warriors have also shown more confidence in the pick and roll game, using Lee as the finisher as well as Lou Amundson. With the chemistry built this year, I expect the Warriors to use the pick and roll as the go-to play in half court (other than give Monta the ball and go away).
In regard to Lou Amundson, I hope Andris Biedrins is taking notes. Amundson struggled shooting free throws this season, but never stopped attacking the rim. Now Lou has regained his free throw stroke. If Biedrins had Amundson's heart, he'd be Tyson Chandler.
In each of the past three wins, the Warriors have looked like a fearless David in the face of Goliath opponents. They have played with aggression the entire game, rather than play to "not lose." The Warriors showed focus when executing plays as if the other team is not on the court and it's just like practice. This is the kind of demeanor that has been on display all season in San Antonio, Boston, Chicago, and the like.

This strong finish gives Warriors fans reason to believe this team will be better next season, especially with a bolstered bench.

Warriors Record Dorell Wright surpassed Jason Richardson's record for three point makes in a single season set in 2005. Wright now holds that mark with 184.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warriors win second in a row, David Lee dominates

The Warriors have won two consecutive games against Western conference playoff teams in the Mavs and the Blazers. In both wins David Lee has played inspiring basketball. Lee scored 29 points and grabbed 20 rebounds against the Blazers and dominated the LaMarcus Aldridge match-up.

Lee, Monta Ellis, and Steph Curry combined for 87 of the Warriors 108 points. The Warriors dared the Blazers to make three pointers, but Portland struggled going 3-21 from long distance. The Blazers are not a good three point shooting group. Batum can make some, as can Wesley Matthews and Rudy Fernandez, but each of those players are streaky. The Warriors played good defense by contesting shots and forced Portland to take shots out of their comfort zones. When the Warriors get defensive stops, their confidence on offense is elevated.
No doubt the injury to Marcus Camby in the first quarter negatively affected the Blazers. During a Blazers offensive possession he was shoved by his team mate Rudy Fernandez into David Lee's legs. Lee was swept out by Camby's fall and incidentally landed on Camby's head and neck. He was diagnosed with a neck strain after the game. Hopefully Camby will be healthy for the playoffs, as he is an impact player on defense and the boards. Ekpe Udoh does a lot of good things that remind me of Camby, the 15 year veteran out of UMass. Both players have wiry strong builds, block shots, rebound, and inject energy into their respective group.
The Warriors look like they are having fun. They have build chemistry by implementing new players into the rotation, specifically in David Lee and Dorell Wright. There was good chemistry with this group and it should continue to develop this off season. Hopefully the Warriors can get lucky and pick up an impact draft pick to add depth.