Saturday, July 23, 2011

NBA Joins NFL In Lockout

Well, it's been quite a while since we've posted here at The Warriors Rundown, but there just hasn't been anything going on in the NBA worth talking about. Since our last post, the NBA has joined the NFL to put two of the nations top 3 sports into a work stoppage.

While the NFL appears at least close to ending their 4-month hiatus, the NBA looks like it has a ways to go. So far, in fact, that even the league's premiere players are looking into the possibility of playing overseas this fall. Utah Jazz All-Star point guard, Deron Williams, is the highest profile NBA star to agree to play outside the States joining a high-ranking Turkish team and agreeing to a deal that will pay him roughly $50,000 per month once the season starts. He's not the only big-name NBA player who's considering playing overseas either. Kobe Bryant has reportedly fielded offers from various teams overseas in Europe and apparently from the same team that inked Williams earlier this month. I highly doubt a player of Bryant's status will indeed make the trek overseas for a few extra bucks and playing time cause he really doesn't need either, but I would have said the same about Williams too before he made the move. No matter what, it doesn't bode too well for the NBA's chances of starting on time in October if their top players are talking seriously with overseas teams.

As far as the Warriors are concerned, the lockout won't likely lure any of their top players out of the country, but the work stoppage is going to be just as hard on them as the other NBA franchises. The Warriors have a lot of work to do before now and opening night, and a condensed off-season isn't conducive to their efforts to upgrade their front court. Not to mention, the lockout has wiped out the NBA summer league, costing the young players coming into the league some key experience and game time. The W's have always been a team that takes full advantage of the Summer League and apparently wanted Andris Biedrins to do some work there this summer, but that won't be happening. The worst part of this lockout is that the owners and players are very far apart at this point and it's looking more and more likely this lockout will cut into the regular season.

We've been really slow here over the last month but we'll have Warriors updates and NBA updates as often as we get them here, and will have something new up each week until the lockout ends. I also encourage our Bay Area sports fans to check out our Bay Area Sports Journal for additional NBA news as well as all important things going on in Northern California sports world as well as breaking NFL and MLB news!