Thursday, October 27, 2011

"We Believe" exhibition game

The Lockout has been depressing for hoops fans as there seems to be no progress in the labor talks, but my NBA interest was awakened when I came across an article by leading Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson II of the Contra Costa Times, regarding a possible charity game potentially featuring the "We Believe" Warriors versus the current squad.

I found this potential match-up very intriguing, depending on the players who can be recruited. Apparently Steph Curry is down to lace 'em up for the present Warrior Nation, along with Dorell Wright and as for the "We Believers"...wait for it...J-Rich and Matt Barnes. Imagine if team "We Believe" could recruit Baron, Stack Jack, and Harrington...even if the game had the matador defense of an All-Star game, it would still be entertaining...It would be like my NBA 2K11 team on XBOX 360. Yeah, that's right...I had to put together a squad of assassins (starting five: Curry, Ellis, Jackson, Lee, Biedrins, with Baron coming off the bench) and the name of my franchise..."We Believe II".

The game is scheduled to be played at the San Jose Event Center on Oct. 29 and I really hope each squad is able to recruit the big names, like Ellis and Lee for current Warrior Nation and Stack Jack and Baron for "We Believe". With a basketball starved Bay Area, this event would be a highly entertaining exhibition of hoops.

Also, it would be a way for the players to say, "Hey Stern, we're the show, don't forget that! That's why we should get the bigger piece of the BRI pie. We are the ones the fans love and we are the individuals who put it on the line....and if an agreement cannot be reached (highly unlikely), we can take our show on the road or go international."
Point and case Kobe Bryant and the Italian club that wants to offer him $1 or 2 million to play one game!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Warriors Riding Out the Lockout Quietly

This lockout is driving every basketball fan crazy, as in a normal year, we'd be just about 2 weeks away from tip-off 2011.

Still, there really isn't much new to report on since Brian posted a few weeks back about the current state of the lockout here. Still, the two most notable transactions the franchise has made since the end of season in April was the hiring of head coach Mark Jackson and the drafting of yet another wing-playing scorer with defensive question marks. I'm not at all already writing off Thompson, he'll probably be a fine player, just wish the W's could have used that pick wiser (via trade or some other player). So my favorite move so far is the hiring of the former Indiana Pacers point guard who has been a basketball analysis on cable and has stayed very much within the realm of the NBA since his playing days ended in the early 2000's. I think Jackson is a guy who could relate to the team very well, as he's been there and was a star NBA point guard himself not to long ago. After having the ancient Nelson and his protege Kieth Smart, I think the younger coach and new approach will be a sight for sore eyed Warrior fans. Still, Jackson has no coaching experience, and doesn't appear as if he's entertaining the idea of bringing on a big name assistant, Del Curry's name has been tossed out there as a possible assistant for Jackson, especially with his relationship with Warriors consultant Jerry West. I don't mind Jackson wanting all control of things, I actually see it as more confident than cocky. He has an idea of what this team should look like and he said all the right things during his press conference. Again though, only time will tell as to whether or not he'll pan out, but so far, so good as far as new coach Mark Jackson is concerned.

It's still any one's guess as to what, if anything, the "Dubs" will try to do on the player movement front once David Stern gets off his high horse and this pitiful lockout ends. I haven't gone through a full list of potential free agents nor do I know exactly who will be available in trade once "open season" takes place, but I do know the Warriors have about 7 guards, Andres Biedrins, Dorrell Wright and David Lee, so they needs some front court help in a bad way. And of course, every bodies favorite trade bargaining chip, if your a Warrior fan, seems to be Monta Ellis. What those people need to understand though, is without Monta last season, this team probably losses 10-12 more ballgames, and even with Klay Thompson here, if he's dealt and not adequately replaced offensively, this team will not gain anything!