Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kwame Brown Suffers Season-Ender

The Warriors biggest weakness just got a lot weaker, as they lost their best defensive center, and a guy who was instrumental in the team's 3 victories this season so far. And it couldn't have come at worse time as Dwight Howard and the Magic role into town for a game at Oracle Thursday night.

Apparently Kwame tore his pectoral muscle in Tuesday night's victory over the Heat, providing a solid 8 points and 6 boards but also limiting Chris Bosh and both Dwayne Wade and LeBron James' abilities to just drive the line at will. Was just listening to Yahoo Sports' Mike Spears on KNBR and he made a very good point about other players having to step their game up in Kwame's absence. Even though Biedrins was the team's starter on the depth chart, Brown was collecting more minutes and providing more quality minutes than Biedrins was, so Andris has to be that guy that steps it up and gets back to his double-double ways. Another couple of guys who need to start pulling their weight are Epke Udoh (who was selected 6th overall in last years draft, but has yet to really show why). There are players who were selected after Udoh like Detroit's Greg Monroe, who have already paid huge dividends for their team, and the guys taken ahead of him, like DeMarcus Cousins, John Wall and Wesley Johnson are already young NBA stars. So yeah, I expect Udoh to get more minutes, and I'm expecting him to start showing us why the Warriors thought enough of him to take him when most draft experts had him as a late-first round pick at best. It's also time to see Jeremy Tyler, who had a lot of hype surrounding him after his selection, but the 20 year -old has yet to play even 5 minutes yet this year.Link
With Curry's ankle a huge question mark, and something that could slow him down all year long, and probably keep him out the rest of the month, if not longer. Now with the loss of Kwame Brown on top of that, the team's best defensive big man and a huge bench presence, this team is just another bad break away from their season ending by February. Our writer Brian suggested in his last post that the Warriors tank the season to ensure they get a top-7 pick and keep their first rounder (if they finish with anything higher than 7, it goes to Utah). However, if they keep losing players at this rate, they won't have to do any tanking, they're just going to be plain bad. As they stand now, without Steph and Brown, it severely mitigates their strength as a team and they really are probably one of bottom five teams in the league. I mean, outside of Monta, some inconsistent play from Dorrel Wright and a below-average start for David Lee, this team really has nothing left in the tank. I still like Nate Robinson and Brandon Rush, but those guys provide guard depth, and now this team's big man depth is basically paper-thin. Now you see why it's so urgent that either Epke Udoh or Jeremy Tyler step into Brown's role and provide at least what Brown was, if not more, because even with a healthy Kwame, this still went 3-6 team.

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