Monday, January 23, 2012

Warriors choke in fourth quarter, commit 24 turnovers

The Warriors disappointed fans with a clumsy come-from-ahead loss to the Grizzlies at home thanks to a season high 24 turnovers. The Warriors lead by 20 points toward the end of the third quarter. The Grizzlies punished the Warriors on the boards, especially in the second half and had a 20-2 second chance points advantage. This is no surprise. The Warriors have historically played with small players and have struggled with rebounding the ball.

Here's my problem: If you play with a smaller line-up, shouldn't the smaller players be better ball handlers, thus take care of the ball and limit turnovers? Not only did the Warriors get man-handled inside, but they were dominated on the perimeter. Frankly, I felt embarrassed for them, specifically Ellis and Curry, who combined for 12 of the 24 team turnovers.

It would be tough to say that Robinson and Klay Thompson would have done better, but those two sparked a big second quarter bench run. Maybe Coach Jackson will take a chance if this situation arises again.

It's difficult for Mark Jackson to change the culture when he plays a team that Charles Barkley would call "a bunch of midgets", a Don Nelson style lineup. This team has a weak front court and no true point guard. Curry and Ellis can light it up, but sometimes it's equally important to have players who can control the ball and settle a team when struggling. The Warriors could have used someone like that in the fourth quarter tonight.

...But all is well. If the Warriors keep losing, they can nab that protected top seven draft pick this off season, as this lockout shortened season is just a long pre-season for next year..."Playoffs, playoffs!?"

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