Monday, January 2, 2012

Warriors Should Make Run at Cousins

If disgruntled Sacramento Kings' center DeMarcus Cousins is truly at complete odds with coach Westphal, and is seriously demanding the Kings trade him, then the Kings will likely cave into that pleading/whining.

Now, whining aside, I don't care what kind of differences Cousins has with Paul Westphal, I can almost guarantee Mark Jackson would get that dude to straighten up in second if it meant points in the paint! As far as I know, he's actually a good teammate, just had an incident with Westphal that seems almost like a way less violent or crazy version of Sprewell's way back with P.J. (probably some choice words thrown out and just a pure dislike for one-another). Probably some kind of misunderstanding that he and his coach can't come to is really what it's sounding like, but again, I'm a Warriors blogger, not in the Sacramento media circulation. Either way, I think DeMarcus Cousins is one of the finest young centers in all the NBA and if he is indeed demanding a trade as Adande at ESPN is putting it at ESPN, the Warriors should be all over it. Since he's demanded the trade, I wonder if it will bring his return value down, but then I think about the fact that he's an accomplished 21 year-old center, it quickly brings me back to reality. Maybe something like Udoh, Biedrins and a first rounder would do it, especially if the Warriors paid most of Andres' salary, so it offsets. Chances are though that they'd want an accomplished NBA player at least though, and the Warriors would likely have to part with someone like a Dorrell Wright or David Lee. With the emergence of Brandon Rush, I would include Wright and a first rounder in order to get the monstrous Cousins, exactly the type of player this team has needed in the paint for years and years. The Kings would probably want David Lee, but I'd try my darnedest to acquire DeMarcus Cousins wihout giving up the big-three of Steph/Monta/Lee.

Again though, Cousins has only been around a year, so you can't trade the house for him as he's not fully proven quite yet, but from what he's shown, he'll certainly be in high-demand (unless the Spurs figure out how good they'd be with him next to Duncan in TD's twilight years). The part that may give the Warriors an edge if he is indeed on the market, is not many contending teams need starting centers. Then again, at 21, he'd be a nice piece for a rebuilding team to start around. Either way, if Adande is right and the reports are to be believed, DeMarcus Cousins should be in a new Uni very shortly!

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