Monday, January 9, 2012

Warriors Should Tank Season...Seriously

The Warriors kicked off the season with impressive wins against the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks, but lately they've been in free fall and are losers of five straight (make it six with Miami coming into town tomorrow). Sure, the absence of Stephen Curry and his 20 points, 10 assists, and efficient shooting factor in, but the Dubs were still a borderline team with a healthy Curry.

Coach Mark Jackson set the bar high with promises to make the playoffs and I was sold after the Warriors beat the Bulls soundly. Now, as the season progresses, we are beginning to see there are too many leaks in this poorly designed ship and we should not be surprised as it sinks. It doesn't matter if the Warriors have new ownership with deep pockets, the sagely Jerry West as a consultant, or a solid coaching staff in Mark Jackson and Mike Malone. Winning in the NBA comes down to the talent on the floor, a commodity the Warriors are short on.

Here is a strategy: tank. Yes, tank the season. Continue to walk the ball up the court and struggle in a half court offensive set, rather than utilize the talent on the floor and run. Continue to sit back in zone defense and get killed on the board. Continue to not have a true point guard and shoot yourself in the foot with a slough of turnovers.

The Utah Jazz own the Warriors first round draft pick, but it is a protected pick. That means the Warriors get that pick back if it is a top seven pick. In order to get that pick, they would have to play poorly and continue to lose. The Warriors need to add talent and a top seven pick would be a big step in the direction of improvement.

Dwight Howard talks have hushed recently, meaning the Magic probably wanted too much for Howard (i.e. Monta Ellis and a future first round pick) compounded with Howard probably refusing to commit beyond this season. So where does that leave the Warriors? Right where they've been: rebuilding mode. They've been rebuilding for decades and have been left in the dust by teams like the Thunder and Grizzlies, former cellar dwellers like the Warriors that have built their teams through the draft.

I hope the Warriors don't trade away the future and have some patience. I hope Mark Jackson continues to start Charles Jenkins, runs half court offense, and rest Curry for extended time. Mark Jackson isn't going anywhere, Warriors die-hard fans aren't going anywhere...Losing is nothing new to Bay Area basketball. I'd like to see the losing go somewhere. Have a plan for the future.

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Trevor Cole said...

I don't know if it's to that point yet, but it's getting there.

If Curry gets back and they get back on track in the next week or 2, then go for it, but if he's struggling with that ankle and they go 2-9 over the next couple of weeks, then yeah, I'm all for tanking this season.

The thing is though, there is no "sure thing" center in this years draft, which is what GS needs the most. Still, I would take Anthony Davis (if he declares) or big Jared Sullinger who are each 6'10" but have wing-spans over 7 feet and probably could play up front with Lee!

This years draft is strong, but it's catered a lot to SG/SF/PF types... Which the W's already have plenty of. I guess if Dorrell continues to tank though, they could be in the market for a SF and grab UNC's Harrison Barnes, who I think is the drafts best player is at this point (with respect to Sullinger and Davis if he does go).

Oh the possibilities.....