Saturday, January 7, 2012

Warriors Show Glaring Weaknesses in LA

Well, there you have it folks, you saw first hand what this teams problem is last night in LA. My mistake, there are actually three problems haunting this team right now.

Problem #1: You can obviously see why they're pursuing Dwight Howard so aggressively. If Andrew Bynum makes his free throws last night, he ends up with a 16-16 night, as he and Gasol dominated the glass. The Lakers beat the Warriors on the glass all night 47-34, a huge disparity. Granted, Kwame Brown did a decent job limiting Bynum offensively to just 9 points and forcing him go to the line, but the Lake Show's front line ate the Warriors' alive. Why? The Warriors are stocked with undersized, backup caliber centers. David Lee is the only legit big man they have so when he's off like he was in LA, it's "good night" Warrior fans.

Problem #2: Neither Monta nor Steph (when healthy) are big enough to guard 2-guards like Kobe Bryant, who went off for a cool 40 points vs. the W's last night. Dorrell Wright has been missing all year and did a wretched job defensively. Not only that, but Kobe reeled in 5 boards and dished out 7 assists. He had his way with the Warriors small forward. D-Wright has to improve tenfold or else we're in for a long season.

Problem #3: I saved the best for last. Without a center like Howard, I don't know why Mark Jackson is intent on having his team run half-court offense's so often. I know Steph wasn't out there, but the Warriors still have the personnel to run, and run they should. They need to win shootouts 115-108 or something, not these 85-79, low scoring games, that's not the W's style, at least with this group of players. I hope Jackson realizes it soon, when Steph comes back, they need to run at every chance they get momentum that way. They can still play good defense, but they have to push the ball down the court, not walk it!

Outside of those thoughts from the LA game, I thought Nate Robinson was a delight to watch (well listen to actually, my NBA Internet TV spot was down for some reason last night), but it sure looks like he's bringing the kind of energy off the bench this team needs, exactly as I thought he would (just scroll down to paragraph two)! The thing is though, with Steph shelved for at least a week one would think, I would insert Nate into the starting lineup with Monta and let Nate run the point. He showed he's more than capable last night, granted he did show some rust on mistaken passes, but It's a better set-up than starting green-as-ever rookie Charles Jenkins out there. I personally would have started Rush at 2 and Monta at 1 last night, as Rush could have matched up with Kobe better, and Monta could have destroyed both DFish and Steve Blake. I can't believe Jackson threw Jenkins into the starting lineup when he hadn't even played a combined 20 minutes in his NBA career yet?! C'mon Coach, I was expecting better from you. I know it's still early but I've been less than impressed with Coach Jackson so far, hopefully he gets better as he learns his players a little better. But with the short season, that probably means no playoffs again Warrior fans, and they're not a bottom 1/3 team either, so in all likelihood, no #1 draft pick to look forward to either! My guess for the W's win-loss record with the way things are looking 28-38 (66 games) and giving Utah pick #13, or somewhere neighborhood!

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