Monday, January 23, 2012

Warriors try to bounce back from "the kick"

The Warriors need to rebound from a tough loss on a missed call. They should have had the last shot of that game, but the officials missed George Hill's brilliant kick save that was obviously intentional. Some media people, including Comcast's Matt Steinmetz, said in the post game report that "the kick" was unintentional. I respect Steinmetz as a guy who has a good pulse on the Warriors, but he might need glasses. If you watched that game, you saw Hill point his toe upward, as he would have been beaten by a Monta Ellis crossover. There is no reason for a defensive player to poke a toe in the air while defending, other than to make contact with the ball.

It was a bad break, but let's not overlook how badly the Pacers beat the Warriors in the paint. I could almost argue that losing Kwame Brown has been more devastating than the initial loss of Steph Curry. Without Brown's low post presence, teams with solid front courts (David West, Roy Hibbard, Tyler Hansborogh) are eating up the Warriors and parading to the free throw line.

The Warriors host the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, who are without Zack Randolph, but have been on a six game win streak. It will be interesting to see if Tony Allen, an elite defender, can slow down Monta Ellis, as all attention will be on number 8. Warriors fans are also waiting to see if rookie big man Jeremy Tyler can get in the game and help Biedrins and Udoh.

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