Wednesday, January 4, 2012

W's Witness What they Missed In Morris

The Warriors brain-trust, ultimately you Larry Riley, saw first hand what they could have drafted instead of the stand-up shooter, and not much else guard Klay Thompson, when Markieff Morris helped the Suns torch the Warriors on Monday!

I can tell the Warriors' brass, ha ha, told you so! At the time, I didn't understand why the Warriors would add another wing-player when their real need was a post presence who could dominate. Maybe they were banking on the ability to sign Tyson Chandler or Nene or something, but I immediately thought a trade was on the way after they drafted Thompson. Well, since then, there has been no trade, and the Morris brother I wanted the Warriors to draft has been absolutely dominant for the Pheonix Suns, doing exactly what the Warriors have been lacking inside so far early on. All Morris did vs. the Dubs was put up his best game, with 16 points and 9 boards and 2 assists in just over 30 minutes. For a big man to be that polished so early on just shows the potential this 6'10" 250 pounder has. Not saying that Dominc McGuire and Kwame haven't done a nice job off the bench, but imagine having Markieff Morris in there taking minutes from Biedrins! That would be a delight.

Onto real Warriors news, it was announced Tuesday that the Warriors and guard Nate Robinson have agreed to a deal for the 2012 season. On the surface, I actually like this move a lot as it strengthens the Warriors bench substantially. Robinson knows Jackson well from the time Jackson spent around the Knicks organization. If Robinson weren't in a position to come in and help this team out then Jackson wouldn't have endorsed signing him, but I'm behind it 100%. It basically last year (2010 really) when he was scoring 14 points and dishing out 4 assists per 23 minutes played, so the 5'9" guard can produce in a hurry! Robinson should come right in and enter the guard rotation. I think Jackson and Riley realized that Klay Thompson is a little raw and not quite ready for big minutes yet and Ishmael Smith has been a nice surprise, but isn't the scorer Robinson is if the Warriors need quick points. Robinson will probably take minutes from both of those two in Coach Jackson's guard rotation. With Brandon Rush and Nate Robinson now, the Warriors have some proven instant scoring off the bench, now if they could only get the same type of offensive player, just a foot taller for the inside (Udoh and Brown are defense-first types). Definitely behind this move though, excellent, low-risk/high-reward potential type deal! Link

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