Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Warriors Seesaw Season Continues

The Warriors have pulled off a string of three straight wins that has improved their record to 11-14 and placed them just 2.5 games back of the 8th seeded Trail Blazers. Problem is, they've been here many times, right on the brink of relevancy again, only to go on a terrible losing streak or loose a Steph Curry to injury as it's just been the team's luck.

For Warriors fans sake, hopefully the luck is actually finally turning a big in the Bay Area. Amongst this 3-game win streak, the Warriors have knocked off two playoff teams then took care of an improving Suns team. Question is, what does all of this mean? Just a week ago, 90% of Warrior fans were saying "tank the season, get a top-5 pick", but could the tune be changing all of the sudden? I mean, with the way they're playing now, and with their luck, they probably won't wind up with a first rounder this season, just because it's the Warriors people, nothings gone their way since they beat Dallas in that epic playoff series back in '07. However, they are playing legit basketball right now and beating teams with defense. And this brings me to my next point and really the main point of my post today. That is, if Mark Jackson is truly preaching defense, why on earth does he keep trotting Andris Biedrins out to start games rather than trying Ekpe Udoh out and giving him some bigger minutes? Niether are offensive juggernauts, but at least Udoh can run, gives some hustle and plays some defense plus his offensive game is starting to show up a bit. I didn't think he had double double potential in him, just because offensive limitations, but he's had some nice passes and scoring plays in the last few wins and has averaged 8 points (double his season avg). Now, I don't expect MJ (Coach Jackson's new nickname here at the WRD, at least mine for him) to change anything up in the midst of a winning streak, but he's got to seriously consider some lineup changes going forward, winning or not.

Besides starting Udoh at center, I'd like to see Klay Thompson, if not starting at the small forward, then getting at least as many minutes there as Dorrell Wright. I'll always admit I wanted the Warriors to go a different route in the draft instead of Thompson, but I must say, this kid is starting to wear on me. He reminds me of a jumbo version of Steph Curry kind of, with that incredible quick-release jumper that almost looks like he's just pushing it at the rim. In 6 games this February, Thompson's averaged 11 points, 2.5 rebounds, 1 assist and a 75% 3 point shooting percentage in an average of 16 minutes per night! Play this kid MJ, what are you waiting for? I mean, every time he goes in, he makes stuff happen while Dorrell Wright is just taking up space out there right now. Not saying throw Wright to the end of the bench, but give the guy a wake-up call, cause in these last 3 victories, D-Wright's been a factor in only one of them. I also think that, if they are able to somehow swing a deal for a big man and keep winning, Dorrell Wright would have to be a key figure in the trade. One guy I've watched closely lately is Chris Kaman, who will go back to the bench in New Orleans despite being a better player than Emeka Okeafor. Anyway, the Hornets want to deal him, but I know he's got some money coming to him and I'm not sure the Warriors would want to commit to him past this season. Would you do a Wright for Kaman deal? Would Kaman push the Warriors over the top and into the playoffs? I don't know, but I want to see more of Klay Thompson and I'm growing tired of Wright's act and no big man in the middle, so why the heck not?

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