Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loss to Hornets, Curry Shelving Helps Draft Status

The exhausted Warriors, that came within a few points of upsetting the Pacific leading Los Angeles Lakers, where then trounced on by the lowly New Orleans Hornets, which gives them two losses that really helps their draft status.

They're about to enter a rough stretch in the final month of play here in which most of the teams they play are all .500 teams or better, and as I said in a recent post, the Warriors very possibly could end up losing the rest of the games on their schedule, especially since they're deciding to sit Curry in a very smart move to keep him healthy for next season. They need to make sure they're heading into next season with everyone they have healthy, cause they won't have much cap space to do a whole lot this summer, unless someone amazingly takes Andris Biedrins off their hands. I think it's pretty safe to assume that Klay Thompson has done enough, especially with the tremendous job he did against Kobe Bryant the other night defensively, that he's pretty much cemented himself into the starting shooting guard role for next season, giving the Warriors a back court of Curry and Thompson, two under-25 year-olds who have loads and loads of upside. They also are set at the 4 and 5, at least on the starting end of things, with Lee and Bogut. Now, their main goal is to finish as bad as they possibly can, while still entertaining the fans and allowing their young players to grow and flourish, so they can possibly end up with their high first rounder and get themselves a Harrison Barnes or Tourney standout, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. There are also some shooting guards too, should they decide to try Thompson out at the 3, but I think they have the back court they want.

Another thought that I've been pondering is the possibility of the Warriors dealing their pick they just got from San Antonio for a small forward to a team like the T-Wolves in exchange for Michael Beasley. The 23 year-old, 2008 2nd overall pick is the exact type of consistent scorer and rebounder that could provide an upgrade at the 3 spot. He's kinda like the David Lee of small forwards and would be much better on the boards and on defense than Wright. I'm not sure the W's will be able to get a guy who can make an impact in the next year or two like Beasley could, with that late of a pick, even in a stocked draft. And the fact that it is a stocked draft, and the fact the T-Wolves have Derrick Williams and are widely expected to be shopping Beasley, could persuade the T-Wolves into taking the late first rounder for Beasley. Heck, it's what they would have gotten from the Lakers had they sent him there. I mean, their pick in the 2nd round (New Jersey's) will only be about 5-8 picks later where they'll likely have a top-5 2nd rounder (or wherever the Nets finish in the lottery). I don't know, but they need to be creative in how they now add players, as they're in a salary cap crunch for the next couple of seasons. Their role players, like Brandon Rush and Nate Robinson aren't even sure to re-sign, as they could get better offers elsewhere that Golden State won't be able to match. I have a feeling the W's will again be wheeling and dealing again this offseason, as it's really the only way, outside of the draft, to get relevant pieces from outside the organization. I'd be all for exchanging bad-contract for bad-contract for just about anyone in the league for Biedrins as a start!

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