Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warriors In a Quandry Before Deadline

As I type this, the Warriors are up on the Clippers in Sunday night's game at the half, 55-42, and if they hold on in the 2nd half, something they've had a hard time doing this season, they will move to within 3 games of the 8th seed Rockets, and just 3.5 games from the 7th seed. In fact, the Western Conference is so closely matched this year, that the Warriors are just 4.5 games back of the 6th seeded team, if they win tonight, and they'd still be 4 games below .500.

Anyway, the whole point of that long into, was that the Warriors find themselves in quite a predicament with the NBA trade deadline creeping up on Thursday. That gives the front office just 3 more nights to figure out if they're going to make a deal, and if so, which direction that deal will take them. I've been saying all season long that this team is very unlikely to end up with their top-7 pick, just cause there are so many bad teams this season. There was a chance of that happening with all the injuries they've faced, but they just keep winning games. As they stand now, they'd pick 11th, based on where they rank as a team, but if they got into the lottery, anything could happen. Even with this current winning streak, and being within striking distance of a playoff spot, I think this team should be calling every contending team and offering up guys like Nate Robinson, Brandon Rush or if the price were right, even Dorrell Wright, no pun intended. You take those three guys off the roster and Klay Thompson then moves into the three spot (which I'd do right now anyway, with Wright struggling), and it gets Jeremy Tyler and Charles Jenkins more PT, while increasing their chances at making the lottery. Also, they could look at a team like the Lakers, who could sure use a point guard like Robinson, and perimeter threats like Wright and Rush, and package them all together to get LA's first rounder which could end up giving the team two first round draft picks.

The one drawback in going down that road though, is that it may look bad to impending free agents that you may intend on pursuing and any time a team goes into fire sale mode, it's sort of a gut punch to the team who's been busting their rear ends the whole season to make a playoff run. In this case though, intelligent Warrior fans are all for it. I mean, best case scenario is this team does make the playoffs as the 8th seed, but then they face the OKC Thunder in round one and likely aren't walking away from that series. Unfortunately, Mark Jackson and Larry Riley seem too competitive to want to give up on a season and deal away the teams best bench players and starting small forward, but I just think it makes too much sense for not only the Warriors, but whoever was the recipient of those three players, be it the Lakers, Clippers (who also need perimeter guys without Billups) or maybe even the T-Wolves, who want to maintain their strong season in wake of losing Ricky Rubio for the year. There should be takers out there for some of the Warriors players, but I just have a feeling that this team will be looking to add rather than subtract come Thursday, if they do anything at all. One guy who seems to make some sense for what they want is Chris Kamen. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe he's a free agent after the season and the Hornets want to get out from under the remaining portion of the $10 million they owe him. If there's an under-appreciated center in this league, it's Kamen, who does everything, kind of like the center version of David Lee. I could see the W's looking into either him or his teammate Emeka Okafor, with not only an eye on this year, but next as well. They need a center and the best chance for them to get one will likely be via trade, as they seem to have a real hard time luring free agents to the Bay Area.

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