Monday, March 26, 2012

W's Must Use Sunday's Lineup For Rest of Year

The Warriors finally gave in and went with their all-out young lineup Sunday night, starting Charles Jenkins and Klay Thompson in the back-court with Dorrell Wright, David Lee and Jeremy Tyler up front.

This is the lineup I'd like to see the Warriors use the rest of the way. Not only does it give the young guys tons and tons of experience, but it also keeps Nate Robinson in the role he's thrived at best, coming off the bench, while giving the team a green lineup that is more apt to lose games in this final, tough stretch of basketball for the W's. The Warriors have a brutal schedule from here on out that pretty much started last night against the Blazers. In fact, with the way they've played lately (only Thompson and Lee providing offense), it wouldn't really surprise me if they lost the rest of the games on their schedule which would put them in primal drafting position and likely get them back into the bottom-7. However, some of their young players are playing well. Thompson is proving that he certainly can handle the scoring load that Monta Ellis left behind, as he's actually been more impressive in his starts with the Warriors than Monta has been in his with Milwaukee. I know the trade is still very new, and Monta's still adjusting, but I think his game high with the Bucks has been 20, and he's yet to really click with Brandon Jennings in another small back-court with two players that like the ball in their hands. I think Milwaukee now faces the exact problem that the Warriors did, and Bucks fans may be realizing that a healthy Bogut may indeed have more value than an undersized, albeit talented 2-guard.

Besides Thompson, who's averaged 21 ppg, 3 rebounds and 2 assists with a steal in his 9 games in place of the former Warriors star, Charles Jenkins emerged Sunday with a 27 point, 6 assist night in his first extensive playing time he's gotten this year. You can really see why a lot of draft people expected this guy to go in the first round in last years draft and why the Warriors choose him over Jeremy Lin. Jenkins obviously can play, and I think with him, and hopefully Nate Robinson back, the Warriors should be set at the point and shouldn't need to play Steph Curry 40 minutes a night. Hopefully, he emerges like Thompson has in Monta's absence, and gives the Warriors real depth at the point heading into the summer and the draft. The Warriors aren't going to have much cap space, so the squad your looking at, barring a few tinkers here and there and a few draftees, is what you'll get next season. However, a good draft and the return to health of Curry and Bogut would be a good enough offseason as far as Warrior fans are concerned..


WarriorsFan510 said...

Thompson can play. He gets hot and makes shots, exactly what the Warriors need. Can't wait until next year when they have Bogut to kick it out to him, Wright and Curry.

I too am in the minority of fans who liked the deal cause the Warriors needed a center for a long time and he'll give them a GREAT one. Monta's still missed, but like you said, he's been miserable with the bucks so far. Thompson is legit I think. And this Jenkins guy.. More of him please! It would be so sweet if the Warriors could get their pick and get Harrison Barnes. He'd be the perfect player for this team.

WarriorsFan510 said...

Oh yeah, cool new look to the site. First time here in a few weeks and I only recognized it cause the heading, thought I was at the wrong spot, lol!