Saturday, April 21, 2012

Warriors' Curry and Bogut Set for More Surgery

Well, the Warriors expected plan of having a healthy Curry and Andrew Bogut to catalyze their team heading into the 2012/13 season, they may have to look to a plan B, as Larry Riley announced this weekend that both Curry and Bogut, the Warriors two most valuable pieces, will undergo further surgery on their injured ankles.

More Surgery for Steph
Now, the Warriors really didn't elaborate too much into it other than both players will be going under the knife soon, and that Andrew Bogut will certainly miss this summer's games with Australia he was hoping to heal in time for. The surgery on Bogut is to remove more bone spurs from his ankle, and is more of a "cleanup" procedure as Riley put it, so hopefully he'll be at or near 100% by the time camp rolls around in October. Now Curry's a whole other animal. The Warriors have described his surgery as "exploratory" which to me says that Curry's ankles are still bad and nobody really knows what's going on there. That to me is the scary surgery of the two, because if Curry has torn ligaments or something in that ankle, than he could be down for a healthy portion of next season as well, and may never quite be an NBA caliber point-guard. There's no denying his ability to shoot, but one would only assume that all these ankle operations are going to take a toll, and one of Curry's biggest assets, his speed, may no longer be an asset. Anyway, that's kind of worst case scenario. Hopefully they go in and clean up some loose cartilage or something, and both players will be bright and ready come October, but you can't help but think, what if neither is ready come opening night next season? With the Warriors lack of cap space, we could be looking at potentially one of the worst teams in the NBA.

Now, there are a few healthy players who've thrived lately, and who will make it their due diligence to ensure that Curry or no Curry, this team will score and run at a good pace next fall. Klay Thompson continues to improve his all-around game, as he's now gaining consistency on both ends of the floor with more regularity. For example, in April, he's scored 17 or more points in 8 of his 12 April starts, and has averaged about 19 per night in that span. He's upped his season average to a respectable 12 points, 2 boards and 2 dimes per night, way up from where he was when he was playing second fiddle to Monta Ellis.
Thompson Thriving
In fact, in his 25 games as the starter, he's averaged 18/3/3 with 1.2 steals, which is right around what Monta has done with his new club during this stretch. He's a sniper from long-range and is still learning how to create for himself and others off the dribble, averaging 5 assists in his last 6 ballgames. That's what Monta was so good at doing and an area I was expecting a huge dropoff with Thompson out there, but he's developing quite nicely. Charles Jenkins has also taken over as the full-time starter at the point in April, and although he's had ups and downs, he's got 11 and 10 assists in his last two games, and had a 27-point night at the end of March, showing his capabilities as a backup point guard. But Jeremy Tyler, to me, has been the real standout these last few nights. He's taken over at the 4 spot with David Lee down, and has dominated, averaging 14 points, 8 boards, 1.5 steals and a block over his last 3 starts. With Lee missing the last 4 games, the Warriors have had virtually no inside presence, but Tyler has been a nice exception of late.

And with 4 games left on the schedule, and the Warriors currently sitting in the 8th seed in the draft order, all eyes will be on them as they finish out the year. Of course, there's still the lottery coming up which will ultimately decide their fate, but the Warriors, without Lee, are looking like they have a real shot at losing out and possibly making that bottom-7 with any luck from one of the other bottom feeders. It'll definitely be an interesting final week though, as the Warriors try and find some light at the end of the tunnel in a truly forgettable campaign.

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