Thursday, April 26, 2012

Warriors Switch GM's, Wrap Up Season

The Warriors have a new GM, but their front-office will remain largely the same, as Larry Riley had his tittle changed to head of scouting and personnel. In moves former player agent and Warriors assitent GM is known around the league to be a smart negotiator and is a much younger, in-tune with today's athlete than Riley was.

Still, the dynamics to the front-office will remain largely the same, as Riley, West, Lacob and Myers will all have input on what the Warriors do on the player movement front, but obviously Lacob targeted Myers for this job when he bought the team and hired him last summer, so this comes as a surprise to very few close to the organization. It shouldn't really change the Warriors philosophy too much, though I listened to Myers' first interview on the radio yesterday and he sounds like he has a pretty good idea as to what he's doing and what his plan of attack will be this offseason. As far as the Warriors team is concerned, they've been basically a non-factor this month, with the season winding down, and every body's focus turning over to baseball and the NFL draft. The W's officially end their 2012 season tonight vs. the Spurs, and assuming they lose, they're going to end up with the 8th worst record in the league, landing them in the lottery and keeping hope alive that they could slip into the top-7 and keep all their potential picks. If that happens the W's will wind up with 5 draft choices in this upcoming draft, said to be one of the deeper ones in recent years, and for a team with limited cap-space, that would be a huge coupe.

The Wounded Warriors
In our final post of the 2012 season, it wouldn't be 2012 Warriors basketball without talking about their latest star to go under the knife. After Andrew Bogut and Steph Curry each had ankle operations, power forward David Lee will undergo a minor procedure to repair a torn ab muscle. The Warriors also announced a timetable for Steph Curry's return, saying he'd be back on the court within 3-4 months, meaning he should be a go in plenty of time for camp and the opening of the 2012/13 campaign, barring any set-backs. We'll have a full 2012 Warriors Review post in the coming days once the NFL Draft dust settles, but after another rough year in Golden State, I do think change is right around the corner. We'll talk much more about the prospects of next years team in our upcoming posts, but just to think that they'll have Bogut and Curry healthy and fresh (knock on wood) along with the hopeful new infusion of talent from the draft, the Warriors will be a much different team next season than the one we saw start the 2011/12 lockout shortened season. It's taken all season, but last years picks are starting to pan out a bit as Thompson, Jenkins and Tyler all look like they're going to have important roles on this team moving forward, as Thompson has solidified his spot as the starting SG, Jenkins as backup PG and Tyler as the new Epke Udoh, who will likely be the first off the bench in a back up role to Bogut and Lee next year, providing solid defense and some inside scoring.

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