Friday, April 27, 2012

Warriors Win Coin-Flip for 7 Spot in Lottery

Well folks, the Warriors plan to lose while still developing their young players came to a sweet ending Friday, as the team won the coin flip that would determine their slot in the draft, 7th or 8th. We all know that if the W's keep a top-7 pick, they get to hang onto that pick, but if they pick after 7, they lose it, so this is a huge win for Golden State as they're most likely going to end up with their best case scenario, 5 draft picks. So unless a team from 8-13 jumps into the top-3 (which is a 20% chance) through the lottery, the Warriors will get that high-end first  rounder.

UNC's Harrison Barnes
Now the speculation will begin to fly as to who the W's may take should they indeed stay in the top-7 like it appears they will. I'm still in the midst of covering the NFL draft over on our other site, The Bay Area Sports Journal, so I don't have the time today to delve into this too much more, and there really isn't much more to say. It's a great coupe for Golden State, as I said, and now really gives them a chance to add some talent in the draft, with two first rounders and limited cap space for free agents. Now that we have an idea of where the W's will choose, we can start speculating who may fall to them (assuming they stay at 7), and in one of the more stacked draft. The first name I think off when thinking of who could last until pick-7, and based on team needs, is uber-talented UNC small forward Harrison Barnes. The guy has been praised by Michael Jordan, hailed by NBA scouts. He didn't have a great 2012 NCAA tourney, which could make him fall here, but he did have average 22 points, 8 boards and 2.5 assists in last years Tourney and is one of the rare NCAA players to score 40 in a game. He's said to be one of the best all-around players in this draft, which is exactly what the Warriors will be looking for. Not only a guy who can put up some points offensively, but also a guy who can defend other three's like Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James. We'll have much, much more time to analyze the NBA draft prospects as it approaches, but at least Warriors fans can breathe a little easier Friday, knowing their team has an 80% chance at retaining pick-7, something that looked like a true long-shot just a month ago.


Anonymous said...

They need to get either Kidd-Gillchrist or Barnes. They don't have a SF right now. Wright sucks, he got lucky last year because teams had to worry about Monta driving. Now with monta gone, it makes Wright useless cause he's only a catch and shooter who can't defend to save his life. Gillchrist is the super defender, but like you said, Barnes is the all-around talent. That would be sweat if the Dubs get pick 3-4 in the lottery, that would give them so much more options. I don't think they could get either of those two at 7 do you?

Trevor Cole said...

An option the W's have, assuming they do indeed keep pick 7 or higher, is trade up. They have another first rounder they got from San Antonio, and yes, if they see a guy they like, then a team who wants Perry Jones or Jared Sullinger or something and knows they'll be there at 7 could be willing to move back. The team I look at is New Orleans. They're a likely top-3 and could use the extra first rounder.

On most mocks that I've seen, it has the W's selecting the Ray Allen-like Jeremy Lamb out of UConn. I like the player and is probably the best value at 7, but then what about Thompson? He can't play the 3 in the NBA.

My guess right now, as you'll see in one of our upcoming mock drafts, that I think the W's go Perry Mason should they stay at 7 and both Gillchris and Barnes are off the table. Jones has the ability to be a stud at 6'11" and the reach and athleticism. He's exactly the type of long defender and rebounder they need and can score from all areas on the floor. He's just a little inconsistent at times.

Again though, like with Thompson last season, Lamb could end up being the best value at their spot, and even with a set backcourt like they have and had heading into the last draft, they may take the SG anyway. It's going to be an interesting lottery this year for Warrior fans, that's for sure!