Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thunder Look Like the Best in the West

Well, we all know how favored the Miami Heat are in the Eastern Conference, but anyone who didn't think the Thunder are the clear team to beat in the West may be thinking differently after their game one demolishing of the Lakers.

Westbrook Erupts!
It was playoff dominance that I haven't seen in quite sometime, as the Thunder beat LA by almost 30 points and Russell Westbrook showed exactly what he's capable of doing when he turns it on. The spidery point guard provided 27 points, 9 assists and 7 boards for the victorious Thunder. Also, Kevin Durrant chipped in with a 25/8/4 line. All the while, LA struggled from the field all night, as the Thunder really showed what kind of defensive powerhouse they can be. LA's "twin towers", Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, combined for just 30 points and the Lakers got nothing from their bench while across the court, the Thunder got a lift from their star 6th man, James Harden. I didn't know how complete and dominant of the team the Thunder can really be until witnessing that massacre Monday night, and it was a loss the Lakers are going to have a tough time bouncing back from. I mean, they didn't play horribly, Kobe scored 20 and was 7-18 from the field, but they just didn't seem to be playing with the urgency that OKC was, something Bryant ripped his team for in the last round. I was looking at this series all along as the real Western Conference Finals, because I think these are the West's two best squads. You have to give some credence to the San Antonio Spurs, but I just think they're a little too old right now to last through May and into June, so again, I stand by my prediction that whoever wins this series faces the Heat in the Finals. Hopefully LA can at least rebound enough to make this series interesting, but they seem way behind the 8-ball for a team just 1 game down.

We'll jump back into our Warriors season review in the next post, just wanted to put some thoughts in regarding the big game last night as it was one of the biggest and most un-expected whooping in recent playoff history and I don't see it getting much better for LA.

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