Thursday, May 31, 2012

Warriors Stick at 7, Rumors Swirling

Well, the Warriors brass and their fan base can all breath much easier after the NBA lottery took place this week. The Warriors kept their 7th selection, protecting the pick from the Utah Jazz who would have received the pick had the Warriors picked below 7.

W's Looking Into SF's
Before the lottery, the Warriors were apparently discussing trade possibilities with Utah in the event they did lose out on the top-7, and those talks hit a wall, so it's a very good thing the W's won't be parting with anymore commodities to ensure a spot in the top part of this draft. However, almost immediately after the lottery and the Warriors were awarded their pick, trade rumors again began to swirl, and will likely continue all the way up until the June 28th draft. The Warriors apparently are searching hard for a proven small forward, and with their limited cap space, the only likely way their going to acquire one would be via trade. A few names that hit the web Thursday in regards to this rumor were Atlanta's Josh Smith, Memphis' Rudy Gay and Indian's Danny Granger. Now, when I look at these guys and compare them to who the Warriors may be able to get at pick 7, I can definitely see why the Dubs would be interested in a possible deal. I mean, if they could get a guy like Gay or Granger for just a draft pick, that would be a deal that would be tough to pass up. That said, these are just rumors and I'm not sure if there's any truth to any of the names that have surfaced, but I do like the idea. The Warriors are in "win now" mode, and they've put together a pretty nice core of players, especially if they can get them all healthy. Their one position of need right now though is that small forward spot, where Dorrell Wright is too inconsistent and Richard Jefferson is just no longer an effective starter. I do like Perry Jones and Kentucky's Terrance Jones, but again, for a team in the Warriors position, who need to make the playoffs as quickly and often as possible, getting a young proven player over a young raw talent makes a lot of sense.

Also, the Warriors have been linked to just about every serviceable free agent point guard lately, and I expect them to find one in order to take some pressure off of Steph Curry early. The most intriguing name to surface is former Warrior and current New York Knicks restricted free agent, Jeremy Lin. After the "Linsanity" died down this year, he got hurt and fell off mightily towards the end of the season and many believe he may have worn out his welcome in New York. I know it's hard to fathom since just a few months ago, that city was going crazy over Lin, basically dubbing him their franchise savior. Lin has many skills and talents, and I think he'd be an ideal fit for the quick-paced Warriors, but I just don't see NY letting him go after the impact he had there. Two other names that will become available are Ray Felton and Andre Miller, a couple of veteran point guards who you pretty much know what your going to get with. I'd definitely go with Lin if given a choice, but Miller would also be a decent complimentary piece too if Lin sticks in the big apple.

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