Monday, June 11, 2012

Warriors Work Out the 'Joneses'

The Warriors took a closer look at two potential top-10 picks in the NBA Draft which takes place in just 2 short weeks. According to the Mercury News, the Warriors had in Baylor's Perry Jones III and Kentucky's Terrence Jones on Monday.

Terrence Jones
Both players project out to be small forwards at the next level, but if you believe the reports coming out of these workouts, the Warriors brass apparently wasn't overly impressed with what they saw. Both players have the "tweener" issue, as both played power forward in college, but will likely be moved to the 3-spot in the NBA. According to Marcus Thompson's report on the workout, neither player stood out like they did at school in their workouts with the Golden State. Perry Jones looks more like a project player in my eyes, and judging from how he did in the workout, it seems like that will be the case for whatever team drafts him. His shot was ugly and that was an area of concern for the team about this particular player. PJIII plays with high energy and can do multiple things with the basketball, but he's not great at any one area of his game, and the Warriors need to find someone who does a few things exceptionally. It sounds to me like Terrence Jones had the better workout of the two, and has more the size and ball-handling skills for a SF. The only issue with him is the Warriors are very worried about his lack of an outside shot. He moves well, has the size and speed to keep up with most 3's at the next level, but it seems like he just has to tighten up his shooting. He got overshadowed a lot by Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gillchrist at Kentucky, but he's cut from a very similar mold as MKG, the projected #2 pick in the upcoming draft. Terrence is built more like a LeBron James at 6'9" and 250 pounds, and is a guy who seems more likely able to turn into the true #3 in the NBA, though neither stole the show Monday.

In other draft-related news pertaining to the 'Dubs', they apparently are tantalized with the possibility of UConn center Andre Drummond fall to them at 7. This one kind of surprises me and at the same time, makes a lot of sense. Fact is, if a guy like Drummond and then Perry Jones are sitting on the board together when the Warriors pick, it would be hard to pass up the potential that Drummond possesses. The 6'11'', 275 pound 18-year old had an impact with The University of Connecticut his freshman year, and very well may have passed up the opportunity to be the top pick in the 2013 draft by declaring the same year as Anthony
Andre Drummond
Davis. The kid is a physical freak who's drawn comparisons to Dwight Howard, but also has some major motivational issues to deal with. That was one of the things that have apparently scared teams in the top-5 away from taking the center. Another thing that rubbed some teams the wrong way was the interviews he did during his pro day. Many feel he didn't seem to care too much about what was being asked and some even went so far as to call him "immature". That very well may be the case, but again, the kid is 18 years old. I know your thinking, "Well the W's already have David Lee and know Andrew Bogut locked up for the long-term, why do they need another big?" and it's a fair question. However, Bogut has had health issues throughout his career and right now, the Warriors are pretty bare after Bogut and Lee up front. If they come upon the chance to potentially land one of the leagues next dominating big men, they need to jump on it!

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Anonymous said...

Terrence Jones all day unless they can get a SF through a trade like they were talking. I think Drummond will be another Greg Oden and flame out. TJ is a beast.